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China to Benefit From Russian Gas

According to Nathaniel Taplin, China will eventually benefit from cheap Russian gas if new pipelines are built in China.

In theory, over the long run, Russia’s isolation from its major oil and gas customers in the West could be a boon for China—particularly with regards to natural gas, since the two nations have already agreed to expand the existing pipeline network between them. But there is a problem: For now, China is a coal- and oil-powered economy, and the transition to moving toward gas will be long and expensive.

In the future, China may benefit from Russian gas as much as US and Middle Eastern petrochemical companies that use broad cuts of light hydrocarbons.

Earlier it became known that the demand for Chinese solar panels in Europe has grown sharply over the past six months, so the region is trying to compensate for the energy shortage that arose as a result of a reduction in gas supplies from Russia.


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