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Dmitry Taschev died in Moscow

Dmitry Taschev, one of the longest serving ARD Committee Members, died in Moscow on November, 17, 2021, because of COVID.

Dmitry was a retired professional diplomat with Ambassadorial rank. He worked in the Kremlin for a decade from 1990 for Soviet and later Russian Presidents and Prime Ministers and at the turn of the XXI century decided to become a businessman by joining British Petroleum Russia as its VP for GR (until 2006). 

Since that time Dmitry was an independent expert specializing in and advising on facilitation of trade, investment, economic cooperation between Russia and its major partners. Dmitry concentrated on energy-related projects in the first place, searching for mutually beneficial solutions and projects in “green energy”, hydrogen, natural gas, LNG, new ecology-friendly technologies and materials.

Dmitry was elected as ARD Committee member in early 2016 to promote ARD activities in Russia and to attract new members to ARD and to proliferate dialogue between businesses of the two countries.

Without Dmitry ARD would not be what it is today.

ARD Committee expresses its deepest condolences to Dmitry's family, his colleagues and friends.

Memorial service is on November, 22, 12 pm Moscow time, at Grand Hall of the Troyekurov Cemetery in Moscow.


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