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Eastern Economic Forum — 2017 – THE RUSSIAN FAR EAST: Creating a New Reality


In total, 83 events were held at the Forum. There were four main areas of discussion:

“Economic Policy in Russia’s East. What to Do Next?”

“How to Do Business in the Far East”;

“We are Neighbours: Make Money in Cooperation”

“The Far East: New Quality of Life, Meeting the Challenges.”

As part of the Forum there were also 5 country business dialogues (“Russia — China, Russia — Republic of Korea, Russia — Japan, Russia — ASEAN, Russia — India: Discovering New Opportunities”).

EEF session “Gold. A new leaf in the Gold Rush”

Means of helping investors mine more precious metals were discussed at the EEF.

The volume of gold mined in Russia has been growing for 10 successive years, but the number of extracting companies and licenses granted has sharply increased in recent times. However, the industry still requires support, and participants at the EEF session “Gold. A new leaf in the Gold Rush” were assured that the State is ready to provide it in most areas.

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