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Supply of Russian COVID-19 vaccine to Australia

Australia Russia Dialogue (ARD) has been approached by its partner organisation in Russia, Roscongress, regarding supply of Russian COVID-19 medications to Australia. The offer was made in a letter of Mr Alexander Stuglev, CEO of Roscongress, to ARD President Mr Christo Visser.

ARD has approached Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), National COVID-19 Commission Advisory Board at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PMC), and the Department of Health on this matter. Some constructive feed-back has been received from these organisations.

ARD Committee is concerned that the whole issue of Russian COVID-19 vaccine production and supply has been excessively politicized both in Russia and overseas, and that any further involvement in negotiations regarding supply of Russian COVID-19 medications to Australia carries significant reputation risks to ARD as a non-government apolitical organisation.

At the same time ARD Committee fully appreciates that some ARD members, supporters, and friends think that ARD involvement in such negotiations could be beneficial for ARD and may serve the purpose of Australian population protection from COVID-19.

ARD Committee is seeking feedback on this important matter from any interested parties and individuals.

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